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Shoe Store Location - Visit us in Hamilton, Ontario.

Welcome to our High Heels Shoes and Boots Store. Our local shop services Niagara Falls, Hamilton, Kitchener, Waterloo, Burlington, Oakville, and Mississauga.

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Our online high heels shop has shipped to over 65 countries worldwide

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A wall of high heels shoes: Choose your favourite style, use your desired color, create the shoes in your dream heel height!

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We offer rhinestone embellished sandals that are not available elsewhere.

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Handmade High Quality High Heel Shoes by Peter Chu - Customer Videos

The World's Sexiest High Heel Shoes from Peter Chu: Swimsuit Video. Julie Skyhigh wears a black 2-piece swimsuit with gold ornamented edges to match the GODDESS_20 killer heels from Peter Chu. This pair of GODDESS_20 has gold metallic heels. The edge is piped in gold. Excellent close up shoots in the video. Enjoy!

After a long time away, Tamia is back, wearing sexy 20cm High Heel Shoes from Peter Chu. This is a pair of GODDESS_20 in Red PU with silver metallic heels. Tamia loves the extreme heel height. Black skirt and tan stockings match very well with the red high heel shoes. Tamia modelled the shoes by sitting, standing, and walking. The shoes beautifully accentuate her legs.

The World's Sexiest High Heels Package from Peter Chu Part 1: Unpacking Sexy High Heel Shoes from Peter Chu. Tamia received her package from Peter Chu, and she unpacks the parcel with the audience. In the mysterious package, there are 2 pairs of GODDESS_20 with metallic heels, and 1 pair of P_CC with metallic heels. Tamia is very happy and says THANK YOU to Peter Chu. Both pairs of GODDESS_20's have 20cm metallic heels and piped edges. The red GODDESS_20 has red lining. The P_CC has 14cm metallic heels, red lining, and red insoles. Whichever way Tamia poses, the view is perfect. Tamia has very long legs, so her looks is fabulous while sitting, standing, and walking. Front views, side views, and back views are equally stunning.

Tamia loves to pose in her new GODDESS_20 from Peter Chu. This pair is made in black patent leather. The edges are piped in gold. The heels are 20cm gold metallic heels. Whichever way she poses, the view is perfect. Tamia has very long legs, so her looks is fabulous while sitting, walking, standing, sitting on the carpet. Front views, side views, and back views are equally stunning.

Extreme high heel pumps style GODDESS_20 with 20cm silver metallic heels. After ballet training your feet, you can wear this extreme arch super high heel pumps. The shoes perfectly conform to the shape of your feet. The platform makes the shoes feel like 6 inch high heel shoes.

Carrie LaChance wears Peter Chu's Non-wobbling Super Arch High Heels Style C14. Excerpt from the video: Hello everybody, My name is Carrie LaChance. Today, I am doing a photoshoot for 6 Inch Heels Forever. These are the shoes that I am wearing. The heels are 5 and a half inches, about 14cm. It's a great shoe, extremely comfortable, and there is a lot of padding on the inside. I have never had a shoe that has actually been this comfortable at this heel height.

One of our fans modelling style C14 by Peter Chu. Excerpt from the video: Just to bring you something a little fun to show off a couple of new things I have gotten. The first thing is something that got me very very very excited about, and that is my brand new pair of Peter Chu shoes. I have been absolutely drooling over getting a pair of Peter Chu shoes for a few years now, since I saw them on his website. With the help of a very very generous viewer, I was able to get them, so thank you so so much, you know who you are. I really really appreciate them and love them so much. Thank you. They are a very tall heel, you can see. These are the equivalent of a 5 inch heel. With Peter Chu, he actually graduates according to size, so you get the proper rise in your foot regardless of large or small sizes. This is a size 36 shoe with a 12.5cm heel. I got them in a black synthetic suede. Another great thing is you can actually order them according to your length and also width of your foot. Because I have a bit of a wider foot, I was actually able to order down 1 size from what I normally order here in the US but get a wider width, so these shoes fit me perfectly. They are so comfortable and they are very well padded on the inside and I am just in love with them! Luv them so much. They are just fantastic. I want to start a whole collection now.

Tamia is excited about her new U20SA from Peter Chu. This pair is made in white leather with an ankle strap. The slanted platform is thicker at the ball of the foot, but thinner at the tip of the toes. This makes the front of the shoes point downwards. The heels are already 20cm. The downward tilt makes the arch even more extreme. For extreme high heel lovers, this is exciting to see. If you want to walk with them, make sure you order them with horizontal platform!

Extreme high heel sandals style X2_SANDAL with 16cm heels. This wonderful pair of super high heel sandals is in White PU. They feel comfortable and look extremely sexy.

DomKarin Sexy Legs, Stockings, and High Heels. Plot Synopsis: DomKarin moves to the music in Peter Chu's Style V_GO. These shoes are made in black leather with white leather tassels. The heels are 6 inches high. In this video, DomKarin presents great poses for the camera. Standing, walking, sitting, and playful looks are well captured in this short film.

One of our customers is showing off her brand name high heels. It's style PSA_PIPED from Peter Chu. This pair is made in Pearlized Red PU. The edges are piped in gold. The heels are 16cm (6 inch) gold metallic heels.

Carrie is playing mini golf in Peter Chu's Style P16SA stilettos! This tells you how important it is to wear non-wobbling high heels. These special arch super high heels remain stable on any terrain. Models are usually unable to handle super high heels, but Carrie wears them without any difficulties.

It's time for a Christmas photoshoot at ArchEnemys. Miss December puts on Peter Chu's Non-wobbling Special Arch High Heels Style P16SA. She is not able to walk with them, so she sits down to take pictures.

Brand Name Shoes vs Peter Chu High Heels
  Brand Name Shoes Peter Chu High Heels
Arch Type Straight arches. Curved arches. The arch of the shoes conform to the actual arch of your foot. The arch of the shoes does not deform, thereby providing adequate support for the foot, making the shoes more comfortable. On higher heels, this arch becomes a beautiful "Special Arch" .
Soles Thin and narrow soles that curve upward on the sides: The shoes rock side to side when it is placed on a flat surface. Although they look good, they provide horrible balance. Pebbles and uneven surfaces can be painfully felt through the thin soles. Thick standard width soles that have no upward curves on sides. Soles arches are steel reinforced: This provides perfect balance and support. Thick soles shield against pebbles and uneven surfaces. At the same time, they still look sexy.
Padding Narrow or No Padding Wide and Thick Padding
Leather Leather as thin as paper: Easily tearable, exposing white insides. Thicker leather: Durable, does not easily tear.
Width Narrower than standard width: Only made for slender feet, light weight individuals. Standard to wide width: Comfortable fit for everyone.
Size Range US Women´s 6 - 10: Only popular sizes. US Women´s 2 - 14: From extra small to extra large.
Heel Height Up to 4" without platform. 5" and 6" heels require platform. Up to 6" without platform. 6", 7", and 8" heels with platform is available.
Heel Type Regular heels only. Metallic heels are rarely seen. Choose between regular and metallic heels.
Stock Availability Stock items only. Custom design starts at $600. Custom fitting starts at $800. Limited stock. Primarily handmade when the order is placed. Custom design and custom fit start at $200.
Discrete Service Not offered. Store environment can be intimidating for some people. Offered to everyone. If you are in Hamilton, Ontario, you can book a personal appointment to visit our showroom.

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