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Those of us who love high heels may love them for different reasons. Once we are in love, it is forever. Having a high heel shoe fetish is like bonding with high heels. There is no turning back. Once you see the pair that excites you, you become intoxicated. You just have to own that pair, make it part of your collection.

The function of high heels: High heels are geometrically designed to modify the curves of your feet and maintain them in an arched position. The arched feet, raised calves, and higher hips augments the female form and emphasizes femininity. While corsets, another form of restrictive wear that creates a wasp hour glass look of a woman's waist, has become drastically unpopular, high heels have become increasingly popular. Wearing high heels is much less difficult compared to wearing corsets. Although it takes a long time to fully master standing and walking in elegance, high heels are very easy to put on and take off.

The high heels industry: The fashion industry has created so many types of clothing for women, the need for matching shoes has grown at an unbelievable pace. Over the decades, shoes, primarily ladies high heel shoes, have transformed from the role of accessories to becoming the central symbol of fashion. Women are looking for clothes to match the shoes. High heel designs are more daring and creative. Combining architectural elements, artistic collages, futuristic dreams into a shoe design makes each pair of high heels into a brand new invention.

Girls who love high heels: High heels are traditionally defined as footwear for fashionable women. If a lady wishes to present herself as having a fashion sense, she would definitely start a high heel collection. Because different heel heights and toe shapes feel very different, it is hard to keep just 1 or 2 pairs of high heels in the closet. With so many places selling affordable high heel shoes, having 20 pairs or more is not surprising. Psychologically, many women need to wear high heels. Wearing high heels can make them feel confident. Higher heels can make them happier. The jealous look from fellow women and the desiring look from men makes a woman feel she is influential. It is natural for girls, ladies, and women to love a pair of heels. Once they fall in love with the shoes, they wonder how they used to live without them.

Men who love high heels: High heels were originally designed for men ages ago. Perhaps it was a man who started making high heels for men. And, we know for certain it was a man who transformed high heel designs into ladies footwear. Today, some of the best known ladies shoe designers are men. Men love the sight of high heels on beautiful and attractive ankles and feet. Loving high heels is like a natural instinct. Maybe it is this instinct that drives some men to also wear high heels. If specific types of high heels are designed more masculine, men can eventually wear high heels without discrimination.

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