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Handmade High Heel Shoes and Boots
US Women's Sizes 4 to 14

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Contact Us

We have call centers in USA and Canada. Call centers are open 9am - 9pm (Eastern Standard Time), 7 days a week. To save long distance phone charges, please call the number that is most economical for you:

In USA (West Los Angeles, California): +1-310-929-7444
In Canada (Hamilton, Ontario): +1-416-371-9668

E-mail: foreverheels[at]yahoo[dot]com (replace [at] using @, replace [dot] using .).
Fight SPAM! Include "high heels inquiry: " and the subject of your e-mail in the subject line of your e-mail. Otherwise, your e-mail might be deleted by our SPAM filter.

Incorrect e-mail, Blocked e-mail: Some customers have incorrect e-mail addresses. This makes replying impossible. Some customers' e-mails are blocked by our spam blocking software. E-mails will be blocked if they are categorized as SPAM by our SPAM blocking software. Please always make sure that your e-mail address is working properly. If you do not hear back from us, please send your inquiry from another e-mail address.
We reply to most questions within 24 hours. Quotes and 'questions that are hard to reply' take 2 to 4 days to process. If you wish to custom make your shoes, please think carefully about what you want before sending us an inquiry. We receive hundreds of e-mails per day. Each e-mail requests for something unique. Once we have given you a quote or a reply, please include our quote and/or reply in all of your future e-mails. If you do not include our message thread, we might refuse to reply your e-mail.

Visit Us

Store Location (by Appointment Only):
6 Inch Heels Forever (ForeverHeels.com)
125 Charlotte St.
Brantford, ON
N3T 2X5
Tel: 416-371-9668

Fight SPAM: We receive massive amounts of spam. Please phone us or e-mail us before you send us samples, specs, letters, or parcels by conventional mail. If we are not expecting your mail, your mail might be thrown away as spam. If you do not have an appointment, we will not allow you to enter the premises.


1. Appointments are only for customers who have the intention to make a purchase. Some people do not have the intention to buy. They make a visit, try on 4 to 5 pairs that fit, but they don't make a purchase. They say they will make a purchase online, but they never do. Please understand that we are not a store in a shopping mall. We design and create high quality shoes and you should respect the work we do. If the shoes are tried on too many times, it is not fair for the customer who buys it.

2. You cannot book an appointment for the same day. Please call at least 1 day ahead to book an appointment. Tell us how many of you are visiting. Always keep your appointment. If you need to cancel your appointment, call at least 2 hours ahead to cancel. If you do not treat us with respect and simply skip your appointment without calling, we will not welcome you to visit us again.

3. NO SMOKING: DO NOT smoke on the day of your appointment. If we see you smoke or smell smoke from you, we will deny your entry. NO PETS: Cats, dogs, or any pets are not allowed in the showroom.

4. Etiquette: Standing and walking in 6 inch heels is strictly prohibited. For other heel heights, you may take a few steps in the shoes, but don't wear them as your own before you pay. If the shoes are too small, don't squeeze your feet into them. Always cross over your legs and keep the foot suspended to put on a shoe. DO NOT force the foot into a shoe on the floor.

5. Everyone must make an appointment. Most of our products are custom made. In stock products are limited. You may tell us your size, and inquire whether a fitting session is possible.

6. We recommend that you wear pantyhose or long stockings (not thick tights) when you come. Stockings allow you to fit into shoes much easier than bare foot. Whether trying on shoes or dresses, pantyhose or long stockings are a better match, and allows you to look in the mirror to see your overall appearance. If you are not dressed in stockings for your appointment, we will provide ankle length nylons for you to try shoes. All shoes must be tried on with stockings/nylons.

Shopping for All Genders: All of our products are handmade, high quality, and one of a kind. Whether you collect, wear them yourself, or buy them for a friend, we are here to help. You can set up a discrete, private appointment so you won't be seen by other shoppers.

About Us

History: We are a shoe and dress manufacturing company. Our products include stiletto high heel pumps, sandals, mules, boots, ankle boots, knee boots, thigh high boots, wedding dresses, long train wedding dresses, chiffon and lace wedding dresses, prom dresses, cocktail dresses, fishtail evening dresses, mandarin dresses (qipao/cheongsam), white cheongsam, silver cheongsam, yellow chongsam, blue cheongsam, beaded cheongsam, traditional cheongsam, two piece cheongsam, three quarter sleeve cheongsam, bridal jewellery, satin umbrella, satin chemise, satin robes, corsets, gloves, veils, floor length veils, body stockings, pantyhose, hosiery, stay-up thigh high stockings, fishnet stockings, extra thick tights, run resistant stockings and tights. We have shipped to over 65 countries worldwide.

We accept custom requests. The minimum volume depends on the complexity of the request.

Comparison between High Quality and Low Quality High Heels:
1. Low quality high heels do not have perfectly pointed toes. They also use low quality thin synthetic leather and have bad workmanship.
2. To reduce cost, low quality high heel manufacturers do not expand the lasts properly, causing larger size shoes to narrow width.
3. Low Quality high heels have incorrect foot arches that make wearing very uncomfortable.

Buy from the Experts, Buy High Quality High Heels from us:
1. Our midsoles are extremely tough. It has an extra length + extra width metal plate to support the special arch. Our midsoles are also thicker than regular midsoles, making the shoes more durable and comfortable.
2. Our lining and insoles are in gold leather. Our padding under the insoles are thicker than regular shoes, making our shoes more comfortable to wear.

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Take a Virtual Tour of Our Wedding, Prom, and Evening Dress Factory:
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